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Books Authored by

Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed



Books written by Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed

to this date:


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Hindustan ka Maisharati Nizam, 1946

Translation Srimad Bhagvat Gita, 1947, fourth edition 1987

Fitri Ilaj, 1954, second edition 1979

Urdu Lafz Shumari, 1973

Anjuman, Part 1 (Collection), Biographical sketches, 1974,  second edition,  2012

Anjuman, Part 2 (Collection), Biographical sketches, 1974,  second edition,  2012

1.      Saaze Maghrib, (11 Parts),  Urdu translations in Verse of English Poems, 1976-1981

Selections of Saaze Maghrib, (2 Parts), 2010

Saaze Mashriq (2 Parts ) translations in Verse of Poems in Arabic

Persian, Sanscrit and regional languages of the Sub Continent, 1979-1980

Mahfil, collection biographical sketches, 1982

Zaban Zad Ashaar, 1982, second edition 2012

Jame’ul Atiyat, 1984

Study of Urdu translations in Verse of English Poetry, ( Ph.D Thesis ) 1984

Quran Fahmi Aasan Rasta

Jamia Osmania, 1988, Revised edition  2011

Ahsan–ul-Bayan Fi Ulum al Quran, 1989

Majlis (collection of biographical sketches), 2003

Waraq Waraq Justaju, 2005

Tulu-e-Fikr, 2007

Lafz Lafz Aarzu, 2010

Harf Harf Roshni,  2011

Gunjti Rahguzar, 2011

Karwan e Qalam, 2013



An Easy Way to Understanding of Quran, 1974, second edition 1998

Strategies to Develop Waqf Administration in India, 1998

Introducing the Quran, 2002

A Brief History of Islam, 2004

A Concise History of Islam – Essays on the religio-Political History, 2007

Essays on Islam (Insights, Thoughts, Views), 2007


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