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Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed, I.A.S.





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The Global Institute of Engineering & Technology dedicated an AUDITORIUM to

Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed, IAS.


The Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed AUDITORIUM was inaugurated


February 21, 2013.


Acknowledgements from well-wishers:


AsmaNizamuddin:Mubarak to Hasan Uncle and to the whole family! Mashallah this is a wonderful Honor!


AzamNizamuddin:Congratulations to you Hasan Uncle and to your family; what a great honor; we are truly proud.


Ausia Malik:That is great news! Mashallah, he is an amazing person. Had the honor of meeting him when I visited Hyderabad after 25 years and so happy to see him up and still going strong! Please wish him all the best and congrats to your entire family. Salams to all as well.


Daisy Siddiqui:Heartiest Congratulations to you all and best wishes to everyone.


Farhana Zia:We are so very proud indeed. This honor is so well deserved. This is history in the making. Luku, please convey my heartiest congrtulations to Agha and to Api.


Imad Kamran:Mashallah that is very nice and well deserved news as is his turning 90.


MasoodHyder:Agha has been a wonderful uncle to me, and I have so enjoyed his company, and his lively mind. He encouraged and actively helped with the completion of my father's book (see my acknowledgement at the end of the book). I could spend all morning writing to you about him. I am so glad an auditorium has been named in his honour. My congratulations.


Nasreen Ahmed:My heartiest congratulations on the dedication of the auditorium in Agha's name. He has always led such a remarkable life, dedicating himself to the welfare of others. Recognition of his work is inevitable. My congratulations to Agha, Api, Unu and you and all the family.


Dr. Habiduddin Ahmed Rauf:Congratulations to you and the whole family.


Huma Ahmed: MashallahLukubhai, bohat Mubarak! We are so proud of all his achievements and lucky to have him. May Allah give him long happy and healthy life.


Dr. Hamid Hussain, OBE: Thank you for sharing your good news with us.we are indeed very proud that HasanBhai should be so honoured.Please accept our congratulations and convey our greetings to your parents when you next communicate with them.It will be useful for us to have the e mail addresses of HasanBhai and Uranus if that is possible.Regards to your family.

Anees/Zeba:MashaAllah. Please convey our congratulations to HasanBhai and the rest of the family.


Jawad Anwar:MashallahMabrook! Alhmadollila so glad to hear that he is doing good. Give our warmest greetings and best wishes on this great achievement. And salaams to you and your family, Are you back in US?




Rashid Osmani: Congratulations, Luku Dear! Your honor is our pride, Mashallah! When are you leaving Hyderabad?


Atiya Hassan: That is a great honor. Tell Uncle congratulations and a very Happy Birthday.


SadathSayeed: This is awesome! Couldn't have happened to a more nicer gentleman like Hasan uncle. I have been seeing him since my childhood and always admired his poise and grace and the work he has been doing. My dad used to take me along to Aziz Bagh most of the time. I admire that great generation.


Please convey my best wishes to Hasan uncle and tell him we are proud of him, mashallah. May Allah (SWT) give him a long healthy life and bless him and his family.


YawarBaig:Salaam and congratulations. We're in Kuwait. Back on Feb 28 InshaAllah


ZehraHussaini:This is great news mashallah!!!! HasanBhai is the pride of our family and deserves to get such type of recognitions. Inshallah I hope and pray he continues to receive such achievements . Please convey my congrats to everyone.


Zareena&AhsonQadeer: Alhamdullilah! ourMubarakbads to all of you, especially to our dear uncle and aunty indeed we are happy and proud of them both Mashallah.


Alhamdullilah they are the best loved and best appreciated couple in our family, we all look up to them, I pray for their health and wish them the best in both Deen and Duniya.

Will see the pics you put up on Aziz Bagh page. Good Wishes to all of you from both of us.


NidaMohiuddin:Masha-Allah great achievement, please give our congratulation to Agha, Aunty sweety& all the family members.


Abdul Azeem (TaufiqBhai): Adeeb joins me in extending our heartiest congratulations on your father's 90th birthday and the dedication, in his name, of an AUDITORIUM by the Global Institute of Engineering & Technology to honor all the wonderful work he has done over the years. I must say that he has had an exemplary life and we pray that ALLAH swt continues to shower him with long life and good health, Ameen.

Being Hyderabadis, we are also proud of his achievements.


Shameem Kamran: I've forwarded your email to some Hyderabadis. If you give me permission I can send the information to Urdu Times and East West internet news.


Naseer Ansari:Nice to know that Agha has been honored. He so richly deserves it. His contribution to Urdu literature, especially against all the odds, is remarkable. May Allah give him a long and healthy life.Ameen.


Reema Kamran:Mubarak! What a wonderful way to celebrate a man who has dedicated himself to education and the pursuit of knowledge. We are thankful to have Agha ! May Allah continue to bless him with wisdom, health and happiness- inshaAllah we hope to visit soon and see the place in
person one day.

MashaAllahRaziaApa and you were there to attend and be a part of it which must have brought him and Phopojaan, unubhai and family so much joy!


Zaheer Siddiqui:I was very happy to learn that an auditorium has been named after Agha. May Allah (SWT) continue to bless him, preserve him, protect him and grant all his wishes. This is a great achievement for him.

Agha is an inspiration to everyone in the family and is near and dear to my heart. I have been working with him for more than 10 years on scholarship programs for college students. His focus, discipline, and dedication towards this cause is unmatched. I have learned a lot from him and continue to do so. We are now trying to build a school for poor children.

The work that Agha has done for the poor throughout his life, especially in the area of education, should serve as an example to all of us. During my last visit to India, I spent a lot of time with him and found students visiting him almost every day. He never said no to any request from a student and always guided them. I am awestruck by how someone at his age Mashallah can dedicate most of their time to helping others.

Please convey my Salam and best wishes to Agha and Husnara Aunty. I will also call them Inshallah. Thanks for forwarding the pictures.


HabeebaMajid:How exciting! Congrats to the entire family, such great honor for uncle at his age, Mashallah!

I am not at my computer every day, just saw the email, thanks for letting us know.



Faraaz Kamran: Wow, Masha Allah, the pictures and news are amazing and unbelievable. Yet another incredible accomplishment for an already very impressive man.

The fact that he is so vital at this age with his tireless energy and philanthropic efforts, is truly an inspiration to all of us.


AzherAbbad:Congratulations, It is a great honor for HasanBhai, as always we are so proud of him. May Allah give him health and a long life.


ZehraAhson: So nice to see the pictures, Mubarak to the entire family. We are so proud of Hasan uncle. He well deserve this honor. Indeed you are a lucky man to be his son. Enjoy your stay with your dad and your mom. Having parents is a great blessing. May Allah SWT give them long and healthy life.Ameen.Again congratulations to the entire family.


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