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Frequently Asked Questions


What does NetNavigate Systems offer?

NetNavigate Systems is a:


·        Full service Real Estate Appraisal Service providers

·        Certified Notary Service provider

·        Infrastructure Planning Process consultants


If you don’t see what you want here, please contact our pre-sales engineers and they will be happy to assist you. You may also contact us for a professional no obligation presentation at your site or at our facility.


What is Infrastructure Planning Process?

Infrastructure Planning process is a repeatable process for optimizing the performance of on-line applications from a network perspective.


A methodology for proactively managing and planning network capacity based on sampling and modeling


Part of an overall quality assurance program to ensure:

a)      Applications utilize networks efficiently

b)      Networks support application characteristics


What are the benefits of applying the Infrastructure Planning Process?

  • Higher Success Rate for Newly Deployed Applications
  • Improved Integration of Merger/Acquisition Applications
  • Better Service Levels for Uptime And Performance
  • Improved Productivity for Development Teams
  • Less Rework, Less Time, Less Expense
  • Repeatable Processes/Systematic Approach
  • Higher Internal and External Customer Satisfaction
  • Earlier Detection of Potential Performance ‘Show-stoppers’


When should IPP be applied?

·        A New Application Is Being Developed and Tested

·        An Application Is Being Upgraded with a Major Release

·        A Major DBMS Change or Upgrade is Being Tested

·        A Major Website Change/Upgrade is Being Planned

·         A Major Network (WAN/LAN) Change is Being Planned

·         A Major Infrastructure Change or Upgrade is Being Tested

·        A Production Application has Chronic Performance Issues

·        A Data Center Consolidation/Reconfig is Being Planned

·        A Major Merger or Acquisition is Being Planned

·        There are Deviations from Service Level Agreements (SLAs)





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