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I was questioned by many youth visitors of Aziz Bagh Web Site who were born in United States or Europe about some of the terms I used. They are not familiar with some of the following terms used, and here is the explanation:


Aziz Bagh; Residence of Aziz Jung's family.


Aziz Jung; Ahmed Abdul Aziz was his real name, Aziz Jung was the title. He was an exceptionally brilliant administrator, and author of several books, the topics of his books were of vast variances. He constructed the Aziz Bagh for his residential purposes.


Deen Yar Jung; Aliuddin Ahmed was his real name, Deen Yar Jung was the title. He was the third son of Aziz Jung. Like his father, he was also a man with many talents and administrative capabilities.


Ghazi Yar Jung; Ghaziuddin Ahmed was his real name. Ghazi Yar Jung was the title. He was the first son of Aziz Jung. He was a very able high court judge.


Khan Bahadur; Aziz Jung's another title for his exceptional services.


Nawab; The kings called their noble men Nawab for their extraordinary services and administrative talents. Not to be confused with the Jagirdaars who were also referred to as Nawab. The Jagirdaars were randomly picked by the Kings to manage government properties for tax collection purposes only.


Shams-ul Ulema; Means, 'Sun-Among-Scholars', another title of Aziz Jung for his scholastic achievements.


Vila; Aziz Jung used this name when he wrote poetry.


Tasveer-e-Khandaan; Nawab Aziz Jung wrote a poetry in appreciation of the Prophet Muhammad. This book was called 'Tasveer-e-Noor'. I have adopted the concept of that name for the Family Album section with a slight modification.


Aziz-ul-Akhbaar; News Paper called 'Aziz-ul-Akhbaar' was originally published by Nawab Aziz Jung from Aziz Bagh. Several years later the same purpose is being served, except now it is on the Internet.


Tareeq-un-Nawayat; Nawab Aziz Jung traced his family lineage (Genealogy) all the way up to the Prophet Muhammad and called it 'Tareeq-un-Nawayat'.

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