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2.       Razia Siddiqui 

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Zaheer U. Ahmed (Luku)

Mohammed Zafarullah

Aziz Bagh

Anees U. Ahmed

Muzaffar Baig

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Yawar Baig



Nawab Deen Yar Jung’s Autobiography link:


Aliuddin Ahmed Nawab Deen Yar Jung's profile can never be completed in this limited section. He was the 3rd son of Nawab Aziz Jung. I am, however, posting some highlights of his administrative career. Those interested in reading more about Nawab Deen Yar Jung may refer to his biography called 'Life of Nawab Deen Yar Jung' in English, and 'Deen Yar Jung, Zindagi Aur Kaam' in Urdu, written by his son (and my father) Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed.


Nawab Deen Yar Jung was the third son of Nawab Aziz Jung Bahadur. Among the many high ranking positions that he held, he was District Collector, Inspector General Police, Director General Police, and Chairman His Exalted Highness the Nizam's Private Estate, which position he held until he died in 1964. Nizam was the seventh King of Hyderabad Deccan.


Nawab Deen Yar Jung married on April 11, 1919 to Fatima Begum, daughter of Dr. Fakhiuddin Hussain, a Civil Surgeon of Khurshid Jahi Paiga.

Featuring Mr. Ruknuddin Ahmed


Mr. Ruknuddin Ahmed 4th son of Nawab Aziz Jung married Aziz Fatima daughter of Nawab Mabood Nawaz Jung. Mr. Ruknuddin Ahmed was Sr. Dy. Accountant General Government of India and later Accountant General at H.E.H. the Nizam's Private Estate. He is the father of Ahmed Abdul Aziz Asif, Hafeez Kamran, Anees H. Ahmed and Jehanara Hussain.


Featuring Mr. Yousufuddin Ahmed



Featuring Sultan M. Zia


CEO in the Family

Sultan M. Zia is Farhana’s husband living in Boston, MA.


Sultan Zia, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Zia brings to Sheer Networks more than 25 years of experience with Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation. In his most recent role as Vice President and General Manager of the Compaq - Carrier Business Unit, Zia spearheaded Compaq's Communications Industry Solutions organization, a worldwide systems integration and software development practice that brings together systems engineering, design, installation, and support of Compaq's Telecom solutions portfolio. Mr. Zia's role established Compaq Telecom as one of the major service management vendors in the industry. Prior to the Compaq Telecom initiative, Mr. Zia launched Digital Equipment Corporation's interactive high-end media server business, building the initiative from conception to over a $100 Million revenue stream in less than 3 years.


Mr. Zia earned a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Kansas State University and is a graduate of INSEAD/ France with a degree in Advanced International Management.


Featuring Anees Uddin Ahmed

Name: Anees U. Ahmed

Profession: Data Base Administrator, and Independent Consultant. Working for Oracle Corporation.

Parents: Yousufuddin Ahmed, Educator and Superintendent Excise and Imtiazunnisa Begum (Daughter of Aziz Jung).



Featuring Shamsuddin Ahmed


Shamsuddin Ahmed's profile will be completed shortly. He is the great grandson of Nawab Aziz Jung Bahadur. Nawab Deen Yar Jung's grandson and Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed's son. He is a Bs.C.E. (Civil Engineer), High Honors in 1972. By the way he is my only brother.



 Featuring Mohammed Zafarullah

Name: Mohammed Zafarullah

Profession: Engineering, Senior  Manager; Northern Telecom

Parents: Mohammed Valiullah, Former Session Judge and District Magistrate; Waheedunnisa Begum (Daughter of Aziz Jung).





Featuring Zaheer Ahmed’s Family


Profession: IT Systems Engineer & International Project Manager.

                Parents: Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed son of Nawab Deen Yar Jung & Anees H. Ahmed daughter of Mr. Ruknuddin Ahmed.


A postgraduate in business administration, author of several articles, and web sites; Zaheer Ahmed’s first published literary accomplishment was, ‘Dr. Zakir Hussain’, a biography of one of the intellectuals, and loved Presidents of India in 1969 while he was just a student.


Zaheer Ahmed is the founder president of Artificial Intelligence Association, an organization to encourage the learning of all computer aspects with special emphasis on the study of the Artificial Intelligence for the young. AIA was founded in 1981. He is also the founder president of NetNavigate Systems founded in 1995. This company is dedicated to the IT Infrastructure design. To this date NetNavigate Systems has successfully designed several web sites including family web sites, biographical web sites, and the original religious web site for the Islamic Foundation in Villa Park, USA.


While still young, he was fascinated by the various religions of the world. His prime interest was to research the different religions and to compile a comparative study of major religions of the world. The project, ‘One Religion’ is an outcome of several years of research and study.


As an Executive International Project manager he specializes in the infrastructure design, and implementation of local area, as well as wide area networking globally.


Several Network infrastructures were designed and implemented in Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland, Turkey, U.K., and Venezuela under his management as Executive International Project Manager.



Featuring Mirza Yawar Baig’s Family



Spouse: Samina d/o Dr. M. A. Rahman and Mrs. Farrukh Rahman,

Granddaughter of Dr. Shahnawaz and Aziza Begum.


Yawar Baig Associates:

Profession: Consultant in Organization Development and Training.

Parents: Shakira and Dr. Mirza Anwar Baig. Shakira is the daughter of Mumtazunnisa Begum and Mohammed Asadullah (Nephew and son-in-law of Nawab Aziz Jung).


Mirza Yawar Baig




Extensive experience of working at all levels of corporate structure from 1979-1994, in Guyana, South America and India. Organization Development and Training experience from 1984 onwards, working with multiple organizations in India and the USA. Career movement from Assistant Manager to Vice President in 10 years.



Founded Yawar Baig & Associates in 1994 in Bangalore, India and worked with major multinationals operating in the India Region. In 1997 moved to the USA and traveled and worked all over America, teaching American Management Association International courses and working for other clients.

In 2002, founded Leadtrain, a company offering open subscription courses to Indian Corporates. 

Work in progress: Joint venture to establish Yawar Baig International, in Malaysia.


Acquired valuable cross-cultural exposure to working with business executives, government officials, engineers and international staff from multiple nationalities on 3 continents. Developed a reputation for dealing effectively with people across boundaries of culture, function and nationality. Personal style reflects openness, competence, and value based professionalism.


Consultant  Faculty  Memberships


·         Member, Global Consultant Team: American Management Association, International, NY

·         Member, Panel of Consultants: GE Corporate Leadership Development, Crotonville

·         Member, Panel of Consultants: Andersen Corporate University, Minneapolis, MN

·         Member, Panel of Consultants: Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA

·         Member, Consultant Faculty: Continuing Education, DAS, Government of Connecticut



·         Member, Consultant Faculty: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India

·         Member, Consultant Faculty: Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

·         Professional Member, Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science, India



Executive MBA (MEP)

Institute                                                 Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India

P-CMM Certification Program

Institute                                                 TeraQuest & Carnegie Melon University, Austin, TX, USA

               Training for Trainers for Continuing Education Faculty

Institute:                                Connecticut Central State University, New Britain, CT, USA

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator©

Institute:                                Otto Kroeger Associates, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

                                                                Work Style Analyser©

Institute:                                Medwin Poots Associates, London, U.K

                                                                Advanced Applications of MBTI© in Change & Leadership

Institute:                                CPP & Manasayan, New Delhi, India

                                                Understanding the Unconscious in Self & Groups

Institute:                                ISABS & N T L Institute, Mysore, India




·         Guide to Tea Plantation Management

·         The Holy Cat, A Book of Teaching Stories

·         Present Your Way to the Top

·         Leadership, A Journey of Self-discovery

·         Mentoring: A model for developing Leaders

·         Role of Faith in Leadership

·         On Responsibility and Leadership

·         Leading Multinational Teams

·         The 'Irrationality' in Leadership

·         Organizations, Winners & Losers

Contact: Telephone: 91 40 23376563. Fax & Voicemail: 91 40 23372526.

Email:  Mobile: 91 98490 38258

Featuring Mirza Muzaffar Baig’s Family


Mirza Muzaffar Baig is son of Dr. Mirza Anwar Baig and Shakira Baig. Shakira is third daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mohammed Asadullah.


Muzaffar is married to Patricia, and has twin daughters, Marya and Sarah. Marya and Sarah are currently in a grade school at the Universal Academy of Florida.


The Baig family resides about 35 miles NW of Tampa in a town called Spring Hill.


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