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Ahmed Abdul Aziz, Khan Bahadur Shams-Ul-Ulaima Nawab Aziz Jung Villa's genealogical line connects him with Hazrat Abdullah Bin Jaffar-e-Tayyar. Thus he comes of the same flesh and blood as Hazrat Abdullah, the son of Hazrat Jaffar-e-Tayyar and Hazrat Zainab, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (S). He traces the genealogy of his family, in his book 'Hayat-ul-Aziz' as follows:


According to Historians, the family of Nawait hails from Madina. They migrated to Baghdad. Later they migrated from Baghdad to Basra in 752 H. and then to various states in India in 770 H.


There were two Hafiz Al-Qur’an in the Aziz Jung genealogical line.

Sayyidana Jaffar-e-Tayyar


Ali Al-Zainabi









Abu Rijal Hafiz Ahmed Durwish, (Hafiz Al-Qur’an)

Hafiz Mohammed Abdul Qadir, (Hafiz Al-Qur’an)

Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Idrees, died - 1199 H.

Mohammed Abdullah, Commander, Ongole Fort

Mohammed Hussain

Mohammed Nizamuddin, Chief Justice, City Civil Court, Hyderabad Deccan


Ahmed Abdul Aziz, (Aziz Jung Bahadur), was a poet, author of several books, administrator, and Judge.


Aziz Jung with his four sons, left to right: Aliuddin Ahmed (Deen Yar Jung), Ghaziuddin Ahmed (Ghazi Yar Jung), Aziz Jung, Mohiuddin Ahmed, & Ruknuddin Ahmed.


The following is continued Genealogical line of Nawab Aziz Jung:

Aziz Jung had four wives:

1.                  First wife was Zahra Begum. She had two sons and one daughter, (Ghaziuddin Ahmed, Mohiuddin Ahmed, and Azizunisa Begum.

2.                  Second wife had no children.

3.                  Third wife was Amtullah Begum. She had two sons, and three daughters, (Aliuddin Ahmed, Ruknuddin Ahmed, Saeedunnisa Begum, Waheedunnisa Begum, and Asmathunnisa Begum.

4.                  Fourth wife was Aziz Fatima. She had four daughters, (Mumtazunnisa Begum, Imtiazunnisa Begum, Aijazunnisa Begum, and Khurshidunisa Begum.


The four sons of Nawab Aziz Jung:

Ghaziuddin Ahmed, (Ghazi Yar Jung), Judge High Court.

Mohiuddin Ahmed, Commissioner of Customs.

Aliuddin Ahmed, (Deen Yar Jung), District Collector, Inspector General Police, and Chairman H.E.H the Nizam's Private Estate.

Ruknuddin Ahmed, Senior Deputy Accountant General, Government of India and Accountant General, H.E.H. the Nizam's Private Estate.


The eight daughters of Nawab Aziz Jung:

Azizunnisa Begum, wife of Hassan Makki, Transcriber Aziz-ul--Akhbaar (newspaper).

Saeedunnisa Begum, wife of Mohammed Habibullah, (Aziz Jung's nephew and son-in-law).

Waheedunnisa Begum, wife of Mohammed Valiullah, Former Session Judge & District Magistrate, (Aziz Jung's nephew and son-in-law).

Asmatunnisa Begum, wife of Yousuf Hussain, Educator.

Mumtazunnisa Begum, wife of Mohammed Asadullah, Director, Nizam's Private Estate, (Aziz Jung's nephew and son-in-law).

Imtiazunnisa Begum, wife of Yousufuddin Ahmed, Superintendent Excise.

Aijazunnisa Begum, wife of Syed Fasiullah Hussaini, Sajjada Nasheen Dargah Chincholi.

Khurshidunnisa Begum, wife of Naseeruddin Khan.


The two sons of Nawab Deen Yar Jung:

Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed, Indian Administrative Service, Chairman Minorities Commission and author of several books. Three of his books are concurrently under publication in United Stated; 'New Approach to the Understanding of The Qur'an' and 'Ulmul-Qur'an' by Iqra International Educational Publications and 'The History of the Muslim Ummah' by Mizan Publications. All the three books are scheduled to be published shortly.


Azizuddin Ahmed, International Banking, Barclays Bank, London.


The four daughters of Deen Yar Jung:

Zahra Fatima, wife of Mohammed Hyder, Hyderabad Civil Service, Former District Collector.

Razia Fatima, wife of Ahmeduddin Siddiqui, Indian Accounts & Audit Service.

Soghra Fatima, wife of Ahmed Hussain Khan, Chief Engineer (Electricity).

Rukhia Fatima, wife of Mahmood Ali, Industrialist.


The two sons of Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed:

Shamsuddin Ahmed, Civil Engineer.

Zaheer Uddin Ahmed, (your humble author of this Home Page) married Razia. If you have gotten this far, please visit the Islamic Federation website that I designed in 1996. This website lists all Mosques and Islamic organizations in the Chicago metropolitan area. It also lists  useful information about what to do in case of family death, ‘Du’aa’ for all occasions, and Prophet Muhammed’s last Kuthba.


Two daughters of Zaheer and Razia Ahmed:

Hana married Syed Mansoor Ali Khan, Attorney-at-Law, they have two sons Musa Syed Khan & Mikael Syed Khan.

Dr. Saba married Sameer Aleem, Attorney-at-Law, they have one daughter Samara & one son Safi Aleem.


The two sons of Mr. Ruknuddin Ahmed:

Major Ahmed Abdul Aziz (Asif), Honorary Wild Life Conservation.

Hafeez Kamran, TWA Regional Manager for Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Chief Operations Manager for Saudi Airlines.  


The two daughters of Mr. Ruknuddin Ahmed:

Anees H. Ahmed, wife of Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed.

Jehanara Hussain, wife of Mohammed Hussain, Industrialist.



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