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Nawab Aziz Jung originally published the Aziz-ul-Akhbar newspaper from Aziz Bagh.

Several years later now it’s on the Internet, this is the family newspaper; please send news items for this section.


What's Happening?


Safi Aleem, Saba & Sameer’s son celebrated his first birthday today, April 13, 2018.


Anum daughter of Haseeb and Zehra Ahson was married to Raheel at New Jersey on March 29, 2013. Congratulations to all family members. Wedding was attended by close family members, and all near and dear ones.


Our own Dr. Mohammed Ahmed will be honored at the ACP (American College of Physicians) on April 11, 2013 at San Francisco iA.

We all know that Dr. Mohammed Ahmed has always been a very hard working, Charming, and loveable member of our family. He is a well known physician among the global physician's community. The ACP honor means a lot to not only him and his family but to all those who know Dr. Mohammed Ahmed and appreciate his professional achievements.

I have always admired and respected his love for me and my ancestors. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed is supported by his lovely wife Amina, and they both raised three wonderful children, all of whom are professionals. Imad Ahmed and Ali Ahmed are both attorneys, and Sara Ahmed will complete her dentistry next year iA.

The American College of Physicians (ACP) is a national organization of internists — physician specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. ACP is the largest medical-specialty organization in United States.

Baby boy was born to Faraaz and Reema Kamran on Friday, February 19th.


Saba Ahmed, daughter of Zaheer & Razia Ahmed and Danish (Yousuf Ahmed) son of Anees & Zeba Ahmed just returned from New Orleans. They went there to volunteer and help build houses for the Hurricane Katrina victims. This is Saba’s second year. Last year Saba, Erum, and Salma volunteered.

May Allah reward their efforts.

Yousuf Ahmed born November 27th 2008, Thanks-Giving day to Ali & Huma Ahmed. Congratulations to great-grand mother Razia Siddiqui, grandparents Habib & Nasreen Ahmed, Mahmood Ahson, uncle & Aunt Murtuza and Yasmeen Sitabkhan.

Riaz Murtaza Sitabkhan was born on 12-30-06 to Yasmin and Murtaza Sitabkhan. Congratulations to the proud grand parents, Dr. and Mrs. Habib Ahmed, Mr. And Mrs. Zohar Sitabkhan.

Hello Asiya …… After three adorable sons, Azam & Asma Nizamuddin had a baby girl Asiya Nizamuddin. Born on August 18, 2006, she arrived weighing 8lbs 3 ounces, Alham-du-Lillah. Congratulation to the proud parents, siblings, the grand parents and all the three aunts and uncles, and of course Salma.

Hana & Mansoor were married on May 19, 2006.

Mehndi and Wedding pictures arrived. You are welcome to come and view the pictures. However for those who wish to view pictures online please go to: Contact me for ID and Password if interested.

Family Eid Get-Together:

November 5, 2006. As usual we had a great Eid get-together.

The St. George's Grammar School Reunions in North America:

The 6th reunion was held in Chicago again on July 22, 2006.

The 5th reunion was a grand success held in Chicago again in 2004.

The 4th reunion took place in Boston on August 2003.

The 3rd reunion took place in Montreal, Canada on June 1st and 2nd, in the year 2000.

The 2nd reunion was held in the Chicago area on Saturday, August 1st and Sunday, August 2nd 1998. It was a great success.

The 1st reunion was held at St. Louis, Illinois.

Naila, Uno Bhai’s youngest daughter topped in the entire school. She completed high School with high honors and distinction.

Arman, Uno Bhai’s grandson came first during a swimming competition three years in a row.


Nadeem’s Ameen Celebration and Fareed’s Bismillah took place on May 20th, 2005 at the Islamic Foundation of Villa Park. Nadeem and Fareed are sons of Azam and Asma Nizamuddin, and Dr. & Mrs. Aziz U. Ahmed’s grandchildren.

Mrs. Jahanara Hussain with President of India Dr. A.P.J.Abul Kalaam

Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed’s three new books in English, ‘History of the Muslim Ummah’, Ulm-ul-Qur’an’, and

‘A New Approach to the Understanding of the Qur’an’ are simultaneously released by Goodword Books in New Delhi.

The Governor of Andhra Pradesh released another book in Urdu ‘Majlis’ at the Raj Bhavan. Several hundred invitees attended the unction. University of Chicago and University of Edenburgh, U.K is considering having ‘History of Muslim Ummah’ prescribed as a

Text Book for the Islamic History Department. This is another great accomplishment by Dr. Ahmed. May Allah reward him!

Great news about Erum! Erum is a brilliant daughter of Anees and Zeba Ahmed. Masha Allah, Erum made the Chicago

Tribune news, which printed the list of high school seniors who were chosen to be semi-finalists in the National Merit

Scholarship Foundation.

Genius in the family: Our own Azam Nizamuddin, Attorney-At-Law was mentioned in the Chicago Council of Foreign 
Relations news:

Sameha Ahmed, daughter of Shamsuddin Ahmed had a baby boy, Khalilullah, nickname Arman. Faria Ahmed, daughter of

Shamsuddin Ahmed got married on June 5, 2000 to Hamed, son of Tahira. Tahira  is grand daughter of Nawab Aziz Jung. 

 Najma Ahmed daughter of Drs. Aziz U. (Amjad), and Nafees Ahmed was married to Dr. & Mrs. Obaid Papa’s son who is

also a physician.

Imad Kamran was recently awarded the Navy Achievement Medal (Combat) and a Purple Heart for classified mission

conducted during the Persian Gulf War for the Defense Intelligence Agency and local military commanders. Imad will be

honored at the White House by the President of United States for his achievements shortly.


Imad Kamran has begun his full time MBA studies at the J. L. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern

University. Imad was promoted as Vice President at Lehman Brothers.

Aziz Bagh was honored with the most prestigious award 'INTACH', Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage on

 July 27, 1997. This award is presented to well maintained structures throughout India. Congratulations to Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed, Anees H. Ahmed (Husnara) and Shamsuddin Ahmed (Uno) who have constantly been maintaining Aziz Bagh on a

regular basis.

Dr. & Mrs. Hasanuddin Ahmed celebrated their 50th wedding Anniversary at Aziz Bagh on May 1st, 1997. They were married on May 1st, 1947 at Aziz Bagh.



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