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Food for All Program

Founded in 1992

Thank you for your donation again this Ramadan  

May Allah reward you and your family.


The food grains are stored in one of the storage rooms at Aziz Bagh for distribution.


Each portion this year is $100.00


This year’s 22 food items ……..


List of all 22 Food Items in each portion for Distribution

My Appeal to you All



1.  Rice

25 kg

2.  Flour Plain (Ata)

10 kg

3.  Imli (Tamarind)

2 kg

4.  Sugar

4 kg

5.  Maash Daal

4 kg

6.  Tea

1 kg

7.  Maash Daal

4 kg

8.  Chana Daal

4 kg

9.  Dates (Khajoor)

2 kg

10. Basan

4 kg

11. Salt

1 kg

12. Milk Powder

1 kg

13. Red Pepper (Mirchi)

1 kg

14, Termeric Powder (Haldi)

˝  kg

15. Ginger/Garlick

2 kg

16. Till

1 kg

17. Savian

2 kg

18. Zeera

200 g

19. Oil

5 kg

20. Papad

1 kg

21. Pickles

1 kg

22. Onions

10 kg











*Food items are not always the same. The quantity and number of different items are decided each year for practical reasons. Decision is made according to availability of either particular food item, or financial resources available.

Food for All Program – Let’s Make A Difference:


We all participate in our annual religious, social, and moral obligations of our share of Zakah. Whether it is for educational assistance, or getting some deserving person get married, or even help someone with basic necessities such as food.


If I give someone a donation, whether a large sum or a little something, I want to make sure that my well-intended donation is spent wisely and passed on to the person or family it was intended for.  With this concept in mind, I have developed this plan to help the most deserving.


 Everyone needs food the most during Ramadan. The portions we distribute are proportionate to the family according to the family size. Items we distribute to them are practical, and there is no chance for wastage. Every item donated will be consumed by the recipients during Ramadan month and beyond..


Each portion of your contribution helps a family of four feed for one quarter. Food is mostly needed during Ramadan due to fasting hardships.


Each portion consisting of 22 items is handed over to the family on time before Ramadan starts, whether one time, or each year if you choose to participate annually. 



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