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After the independence of India, the first President of India Dr. Rajendra Prashad offered the Governorship of Andhra Pradesh to Nawab Deen Yar Jung who refused to accept on the grounds that he was loyal to the Nizam and cannot be faithful to the Indian Government.


Dr. Hamid Hussain son of Mr. Yousuf Hussain and grandson of Aziz Jung was recently honored with the most prestigious British award O.B.E. (Order of British Empire). 


 Out of four sons and eight daughters, the only surviving child of Nawab Aziz Jung, Mrs. Fasiullah Hussaini passed away on December 19, 2004.


The first child in our family born in United States was Ali Ahmed.


 The first member of our family to have been married in United States in 1977 to Razia Bukhari was me (Zaheer Ahmed, Luku).


Aziz Jung’s ancestor, Abu Rijal Ahmed Durwish was probably the first Hafiz in the Aziz Jung family, and his son Mohammed Abdul Qadir was also a Hafiz, probably the last Hafiz in Aziz Jung family genealogy.



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