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Aziz Bagh (built in 1899) - Hyderabad Deccan















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Aziz Bagh was honored with the most prestigious award 'INTACH', Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage on July 27, 1997? This award is presented to well maintained structures. Credit goes to Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed, Anees H. Ahmed (Husnara), and Shamsuddin Ahmed for the maintenance of Aziz Bagh on a regular basis.


The first member of our family to have visited Chicago was Mr. Mohiuddin Ahmed, Nawab Aziz Jung's 2nd son in 1935.


Nawab Aziz Jung's father Moulvi Mohammed Nizamuddin died in 1900, soon after Aziz Bagh was built.


Aziz Bagh was built in 1899 and is still standing in the same condition for the past 100+ years.


Dr. & Mrs. Hasanuddin Ahmed celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on May 1, 1997 at Aziz Bagh; they were married on May 1st 1947 at Aziz Bagh.




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129 years of Aziz Bagh History, 1439 years of family trace

This is our family story, this is our family Heritage


Please send me news items, pictures, and anything of mutual interest for publication.

Zaheer Ahmed, Naperville, Illinois - USA




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