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The Internet Advantage


What is Internet?

Do terms like ‘cyberspace’ and ‘World Wide Web’ scare you? Does it seem as if everyone is riding the electronic superhighway but you?


The Internet is an enormous network of networks connecting your computer with computers around the world. Governments, schools, companies and individuals make information available on the Internet to everyone who wants it.  Networking technology makes it possible to retrieve for example, vital Physician-Patient accessibility. Similarly on a very magnitude ratio, Internet provides any information available to anyone interested all over the world.


All that is required to access the Internet is a computer whether a PC or a Macintosh,

and a modem, a device that connects your computer to a telephone line.


Why the Internet:

Why not? Internet today is THE only solution to accessing the world fast, integrate the human race, and to make the World Wide Web FORUMS available at any given time twenty-four hours a day round the year. If you have a PC and a modem you can reach someone who is either your fellow professional, your friend, a relative, a business partner, a patient or a client next door or across the ocean in another part of the world.

To make it simple, think of the ‘Yellow Pages,' how important they are to any American household?  Or any local newspaper with local news, and advertisements. You have the regional source of information at your possession. Now think of Internet, Internet keeps that information on a file server. This file server may be located at a site in a small town somewhere in USA, which is connected with the Internet wires across the world. Anyone across the world may access this information within seconds. If you are a Physician, a Lawyer or a Plumber, all the information you need that is of your interest may be found on the Internet. There are Internet file servers all over the world that are all tied up with each other, and guess what? If you have a PC and a modem at home or office, YOU too have that access!

FREE Forum service:

Once the Internet server site is in place and established, it will be accessible to the World Wide Web, ready to be accessed by anyone in the world with a PC and modem.


FREE forum service means, that any publication that is a worthy cause will be published and stored in the database to be accessed by anyone who wishes across the world.  This information may be just anything your vision may conceive. It could be a message you want to send to the world about your profession.


Similarly there will be other FREE forums provided as a service, such as the forum for Women and Youth. Women who need assistance whether it is monetary or otherwise. Their voices will be heard across the world. Youth may submit publications FREE about their experiences in the high school or college that they want to share with younger generation. This information could be very useful to the children who are preparing to go to the high school or college. The potential is unlimited. Your imagination is the only limit.


You as a donor may submit any non-controversial publications (database space permitting), whether professional or commercial without any charge to you ever. 


Forum for a fee:

This is a Business forum, which means that any commercial publications for profit will be charged a fee. The fee may be either one time or on a monthly basis. The fee will be charged to anyone who wants to publish their commercial publications, advertisements, announcements newsletters. These publications may be viewed by anyone throughout the world.


The project cost and the quote:

Obviously the FREE forums such as the Women forum and the Youth forum are possible only if the proper donation goal of the project is achieved. The Internet Administration is not possible without your involvement. Advertise with us.


The cost involved is for the high-tech equipment; Internet service charges and communication, ongoing maintenance cost and subscription charges.


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